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World’s strongest superconducting magnet- 32 T

“32 T” USA based Mag lab (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory) of the Florida State University has made and tested successfully the world’s strongest superconducting magnet – “32 T”. This superconducting magnet is capable of producing a strong magnetic field of 32 Tesla. It is a new world record and is 33 percent stronger than […]

Were the first invented cars electric?

First invented cars were electric, then what happened to them? Why did they cease to exist? In 1900, 40% cars were electric, around 38% cars ran on steam and you will be surprised to know that only 22% cars were gasoline propelled. As in 2017, we are rediscovering the possibilities and feasibility of electric cars, […]

Solar Water Coolers and ACs

Solar coolers and air conditioners   In the late 19th century, when the scientists realized that the fossil fuels will be exhausted in future and to meet the energy requirement of the humanity they have to harness renewable energy resources. They conceived the idea of harnessing solar energy and devised many solar energy driven appliances. […]

A new revolution in Computing -Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing technology Conventional digital computers store information using bits represented by 0s or 1s , but the quantum computers use quantum bits, or qubits, to encode information as 0s, 1s, or both at the same time. This superposition of states in conjunction with the other quantum mechanical phenomena of entanglement and tunneling enables quantum […]