Black Tiger !

Recently, Bollywood has released a movie titled “Tiger Jinda Hai” which is a sequel to “Ek Tha Tiger” movie. Both films have made a lot of profits.
But the sly filmmakers who made these films did not give any credit to the original reallife R.A.W’s Tiger – Ravindra Kaushik. The story of the real  R.A.W Agent “Black Tiger”, was tampered with the facts and presented in a corrupt way in the movies.
Here is the real life, true story of R.A.W.’s Tiger – The story of Ravinder Kaushik:
Ravindra Kaushik alias Nabi Ahmed Shakir, a brave soldier of  R.A.W, who sacrificed his life for the country and whom the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi honored with the title of Black Tiger.
Ravindra Kaushik was the native of Sriganganagar of Rajasthan. His father was working in the Air Force. Ravindra was very fond of the theater.
Once Ravindra was doing a program in Lucknow, then the officials of the  R.A.W noticed him and they found that Ravindra has the potential to be a great spy.
Ravindra Kaushik was a true patriot, therefore, when the  R.A.W officials offered him to become the agent of  R.A.W, he gladly accepted it.  R.A.W recruited Ravindra into the organization and he was given intensive training in Delhi for two years, where he was taught Urdu, taught about Islam and about Pakistan – the geography of it, political situation, culture and Information about history was given. In Punjabi, spoken in Pakistan, Ravindra was already accomplished.
After completion of training,  R.A.W sent him to Pakistan on a secret mission in 1975. Because of training in Islam and being proficient in Punjabi language spoken in Pakistan, Ravindra did not face much trouble in Pakistan, he changed his name to Nabi Ahmed Shakir.
Ravindra succeeded in obtaining Pakistani citizenship, then he joined the Pakistani army after completing his LLB from Karachi University. While working as a commissioned officer in the Pakistani army and getting promotions, he reached the rank of Major, and in the meantime he married Amanat, daughter of an army officer, and he became the father of a daughter.
From 1979 to 1983, Ravindra gave very valuable information related to the Pakistani army and its government to the Indian government, which helped Indian Government and they successfully failed many efforts of the war done by the Pakistan government during this period. Satisfied with Ravindra’s work, the then Prime Minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi honored him with the title of Black Tiger.
In September 1983, Raw sent an agent, Anayat Masih, to Pakistan to contact Ravindra. The Pak army captured and tortured him and also got information about Ravindra. Ravindra Kaushik was also arrested and sent to jail
In 1985, Ravindra was sentenced to death, which later was changed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan to life imprisonment. Ravindra Kaushik was imprisoned for 16 years, during which he was kept in Kot Lakhpat, Mianwali and many other jails and tortured. Ravindra suffered with TB’s disease in 16 years of imprisonment. In 2001, he died in the Central Jail of Sultan, he was buried behind the prison.
The then Indian government did not show any interest in bringing Ravindra back, in turn, they destroyed all his records and  R.A.W also kept silent. Even Indian government refused to take Ravindra’s body too.

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