Our History is distorted….

Distortions in Indian History

The history of India which we were taught in our schools and are still being taught in our schools, and the text books we have been reading have twisted and distorted history.

Most of the distortion in Indian history had been done by the British. And during the congress rule, the communists, the leftist intellectual class, who have always been hostile to Indian nationalism, came together to perpetuate anti-Hindu values and interests.

Communists and leftists continued with the colonial version of Indian history, glorified Mughal era and presented a selective picture of Indian Freedom Struggle.


Swami Vivekananda had expressed his views and concerns on distortion and misrepresentation of Indian history more than a century ago:


The histories of our country written by English and Western writers cannot but be weakening to our minds, for they talk only of our downfall. How can foreigners, who understand very little of our manners and customs, or religion and philosophy, write faithful and unbiased histories of India? Naturally, many false notions and wrong inferences have found their way into them.

Nevertheless they have shown us how to proceed making researches into our ancient history. Now it is for us to strike out an independent path of historical research for ourselves, to study the Vedas and the Puranas, and the ancient annals of India, and from them make it your life’s sadhana to write accurate and soul-inspiring history of the land. It is for Indians to write Indian history.”


Aryan Invasion Theory: A Myth

According to Rigveda, the word Arya is described as a good worthy family man who respects the traditions of his country, who is a good housekeeper and duly performs the rites of yjna. A Pious person.

While the Dasyu in rigveda is described as an impious person.

There was no Aryan Invasion. Aryans were pious Rigvedic people.


Mistrust of British in Vedic scriptures:

British historians ignored Indian scriptures like Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. They relied on foreign visitor’s accounts. And distorted Indian history completely.


Communist and Leftist Historians continued with colonial history during Congress rule:

During past 70 years of Independent India, Congress has been ruling for the most part, almost 60 years. And during Congress rule, the communists and Leftists who have always been hostile to Hindus and vedic scriptures, only glorified the Mughals and Congress.

While Mughal rule lasted for close to 170 years, starting from Babur to Aurangzeb, and it was only constrained to portions of North India. On the Contrary, the Vijaynagar Empire existed for over 300 years. Krishna Dev raya, the Emperor of the Vijaynagar Empire was one of the finest rulers of Ancient India. Vijaynagar Empire existed from mid 14th century until mid 17th century. But in our school history textbook, it wasn’t given the importance it deserve as our communist historians have been hostile to Hinduism and were obsessed with Mughals.


The Maratha Empire- another contemporary of the Mughals, were not given the importance and prominence by the biased communist and leftist historians. The Maratha empire was established by the Great Shivaji Maharaj. The Marathas ruled all of the Western India to Cuttack in the east and from Central India to Karnataka in the South. It was a huge empire. And the Mughal rulers after Aurangjeb were puppets in the hands of Maratha and lived on the maratha’s pension.


The Sikh Empire was one of the most powerful Empires of the 18th Century India. The Sikh empire spanned through erstwhile Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Parts of J & K. The great rulers of Sikh Empire like Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Hari Singh Nalwa were also ignored by communist writers.


One of the biggest omission in NCERT books is about Emperor Kharavela of Mahameghavahan dynasty. Kalinganagar, on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar was the capital of Kharvela empire. His inscriptions descirbes the concept of India -Aryabrata existed since millennium and how he conquered the Aryabrata and became it’s emperor.


Our school textbooks, written by communist and leftist has deliberately hidden the massacre and mass conversion of hindus and demolition of temples.

Our children are made to believe that the cruel mughal rulers were benevolent to the Hindus and covered up the genocide and persecution of millions of hindus. It is world’s biggest holocaust that ever happened. And our Communist and anti hindu historians very gracefully omitted it. And stoop to glorifying such gruesome rulers- who are in fact a blot on humanity.

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